4 common pullup mistakes you need to avoid

4 common pullup mistakes you need to avoid

TRAINING TIPS 4 common pullup mistakes you need to avoid

Top 5 Fat-Loss Blast-Off Tips To Get Ripped!

It’s not easy getting lean, which is why fast fat loss is always a hot topic. So to get you on the rocket ship to ripped, here are 5 fat-loss blast-off tips – from diet to training.

It’s not easy getting lean, at least for most people, which is why fast fat loss is always a hot topic. Most of you reading this probably want to uncover your abs sooner rather than later, for a midsection that looks like a cheese grater.

So to get you on the rocket ship to ripped, here are our top 5 fat loss blast-off tips from diet to training.

1. Eliminate Junk Food Most Of The Time:

You may think this is a no-brainer, but you’ll be surprised at how those few chips, sodas and cookies on a regular basis add up (we just saw a cookie package, and each cookie, about two bites, packed 125 calories! Eat 8 and that’s about half your daily calorie intake, 1,000 calories).

Notice that we said to eliminate junk “most of the time.” That’s because allowing it once or twice per week will prevent over-the-top binges. And besides, a loose-eating day, with a higher-calorie jolt, prevents your metabolism from slowing down, so it’s a good thing.

Also, a common mistake is to make a gigantic calorie cut all at once. Many people get so motivated to lose fat that they starve themselves right off the bat. That causes your metabolism to slow to a crawl, and your body thinks it’s starving, it hordes fat and burns your hard-earned muscle. That’s when you get so frustrated that you give up.

The lesson is to reduce calories gradually, and the first action is to eliminate junk food, most of the time.

2. Tone Down Alcohol Consumption:

A few beers or libations every so often won’t hurt, but if you do it regularly, you turn off fat burning. The reason is that your body burns off alcohol first, it becomes your primary energy substrate.

So as you’re burning off the alcohol, what happens to the food you eat? It’s merely surplus calories going directly to fat cells. Not good. That means when you do choose to drink, don’t eat a lot while you indulge

3. Slow Down The Negative Stroke Of Your Reps In The Gym:

On at least one set of your big compound exercises, use a 1 1/2-seconds-up, 4-to-6-seconds-down tempo. In other words, slow down the negative on every rep.

For example, on bench presses, fire it up, then lower it slowly on every rep. Emphasizing the negative creates more muscle trauma, and that’s a good thing for fat burning.

That’s because it takes energy to repair muscle damage. Your metabolism kicks into gear for the entire recovery process, usually about two days or more after your workout. So you’re burning fat 24/7, yes, even while you sleep. Exciting stuff!

4. Go For The Burn To End Each Target-Muscle Workout:

The best burn-inducing exercises are continuous-tension isolation moves, like leg extensions for quads, pushdowns for triceps and cable crossovers for chest.

By keeping tension on the target muscle throughout the set, you block blood flow. That occlusion creates muscle burn, which in turn enhances your natural growth hormone output. [Can J Appl Physio. 22:244-255; 1997]

GH strengthens muscles and connective tissue, but it’s also a potent fat burner. That means muscle burn can help fuel the body fat churn.

End each body part with at least one set of a continuous-tension exercise, and make that set long enough to set fire to the target muscle, at least 12 controlled reps.

5. Do A Short Cardio Session After Each Weight Workout:

You burn off all the sugar in your bloodstream with 30 minutes to an hour of weight training. That means any activity right after immediately taps into body fat.

In other words, right after your weight training is prime fat-burning time. All it takes is 15 minutes on a treadmill or stationary bike to make a serious dent in your fat stores. It’s the most efficient fat-burning cardio you can do.

Don’t Get Greedy

One last diet comment that we touched on briefly earlier: Don’t get greedy; lose fat gradually. If you drop more than 3 pounds a week, you can be sure a lot of it was water and muscle.

Continue that and you won’t start looking better or feeling healthy, in fact, you’ll feel like cr@p and look worse than you feel. We’re all impatient when it comes to changing out bodies, but the best strategy is gradual and steady.

Have a goal of losing about 10 pounds of fat in a month as you keep lifting hard to build muscle. You’ll be amazed at what shedding some ugly fat and gaining some rock-hard muscle will do for your total look and how you feel, from both health and self-confidence standpoints.

And remember, if you do it right you’ll be adding muscle and losing fat, in a sense, morphing mush to muscle, so the scale isn’t something you should pay attention to very closely.

In other words, if you lose 10 pounds of fat and gain 10 pounds of muscle, you will look completely different (so much better), but the scale will read exactly the same. It’s the fat-to-muscle reshuffle.

A better strategy to gauge your progress is to take photos every few weeks. They’re real eye-openers. You can take relaxed front, side and back views, or you can shoot those “before” standards along with a variety of bodybuilding-type poses (put the camera on a tripod, if possible, at about waist height so you get a balanced top-to-bottom assessment).

Be sure to keep a list of the shots you take-the poses you hit-and the camera settings you use. A few weeks later, take photos again and use the same poses and camera settings.

Also, and this is important, if possible be sure the lighting is the same. Take the pictures in a room with a fairly bright overhead light and don’t use the flash on your camera or your muscularity will be washed out.

Fast Fat Loss Tips

Rule #1: Burn more calories than you eat

Weight loss
is simple: if you burn more calories than you consume, you’ll drop
pounds. But too many guys still underestimate how much they eat and
overestimate how many calories they burn. Avoid the guesswork and keep a
food journal for a week. Count up exactly how many calories you’re
averaging. You may be surprised.

Now start eating 500
fewer calories per day—that’s about the amount
in one meal. Of course, we’re not saying to cut out dinner. But cut back
on your portion sizes and limit your carbs. Any junk or processed food
you’re eating should be the first to go.

Rule #2: Eat more protein

Of all the
foods you eat, the high-protein ones are the most important for losing
fat. First, they keep you feeling full, which prevents overeating and
needless snacking. Second, they boost your calorie burn throughout the
day because protein takes more energy to digest than carbs or fat.
Third, when accompanied with weight training, a high-protein diet
prevents muscle loss that might otherwise happen when you suddenly cut

Eat at least one gram
of protein per pound of your body weight and
get your protein from whole sources like lean meats, eggs, fish, and
protein powders.

foods you eat, the
high-protein ones are the most important for losing
fat. First, they keep you feeling full, which prevents overeating and
needless snacking. Second, they boost your calorie burn throughout the
day because protein takes more energy to digest than carbs or fat.
Third, when accompanied with weight training, a high-protein diet
prevents muscle loss that might otherwise happen when you suddenly cut

Eat at least one gram
of protein per pound of your body weight and
get your protein from whole sources like lean meats, eggs, fish, and
protein powders.

 Rule #3: Eat more healthy fats

Fat in foods doesn’t necessarily add up to fat around your
waistline. Animal
fats, real butter, coconut oil, nuts, and avocados help reduce hunger
and maintain optimal testosterone production. Without enough fats, your
results will decline (and so will your libido).

Eat more healthy fats and cut back on carbs, which can spike
sugar and elevate your insulin levels, leading to more fat storage. Get
at least 25% of your calories from good sources of fat and avoid
artificial trans fats, which have been linked to numerous health
problems like heart disease

Rule #4: Get stronger

Many people
still think the key to fat loss is cardio. And while cardio can help
you burn a few calories, it does nothing to develop the muscles
underneath your fat (the ones you want to reveal in the first place).
Too much cardio along with a caloric deficit can also cause you to lose
muscle and make you weaker.

Even when your goal is
to be smaller, you still need to lift heavy
and build strength. Heavy weights help you maintain and even add muscle
mass, improving your body composition. Each week, train using big
exercises like squats, deadlifts, and presses for sets of 4–8 reps.

Rule #5: Sleep at least 7 hours a night

back on sleep increases levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, which
causes fat storage. In a study of more than 6,000 participants, Japanese
researchers found that shorter amounts of sleep were associated with
higher BMI levels and larger waistlines in men. Sleep deprivation also
interferes with recovery and growth hormone production.

Get at least seven
hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. If you
have trouble sleeping, stop drinking caffeine after mid-day, limit your
alcohol consumption (which ruins sleep quality), and create a pre-bed
ritual to get your body and mind ready for sleep.

decrease weight

Decrease Weight – Cycling to better health

In present world where humanbeings have become quite health and weight conscious normallysearch for simple and successful methods to decrease weight without much speculation. Most of the individuals choose gyms where they undergo harsh training to remain fit, but after some time gyms turn to be monotonous and tedious, others may choose diet plans to decrease weight, but just like gym diet plans too don’t run for long, moreover they waste quite a good sum to select easier methods to decrease weight by eating tablets, but again these too have side effects, ad still a few others may go in for excruciating surgeries to eliminate the unwanted flab and fat. These are expensive and harmful ways to get a fit and strong body. Fast walking, running jogging are enjoyable forms of workout but then these are too exhausting, so the finest way to better health is Cycling, which is the easiest way to keep yourself fit and strong. There arenumerous health advantages associated if you choose cycling as a daily practice: – You decrease obesity as you become extremely energetic while cycling. This way you burn those extra calories and return to your normal weigh gradually. You may find it tough in the beginning due to your heavy body, but never loose heart, a genuine and regular practice of cycling will definitely help you achieve preferred results. Mainly your lower body is back to shape but you need to do it daily and honestly. Your heavy thighs decrease considerably and your buttocks come to normal shape but this may take sometime. – Enhances resistance power: Cycling helps to enhance your respiration as your lungs achieve immense capacity to inhale and exhale properly. Thus, your struggle against the dangerous respiratory diseases increases, keeping you fit and strong. – Develops Strength: Any exercise does build up your strength, but cycling increases your stamina to a great extent. You feel active and lively and this freshness is felt throughout the day. – Prevention of diabetes: Cycling increases your metabolic rate and this helps to expel all the waste from your body hence the dangerous toxins are discarded. This helps to detoxify your body and thus controls diabetes along with other health problems. – Decreases the chances of strokes or heart attack: Cycling makes your heart stronger enough to overcome tension and thus prevents occurrence of strokes. Cycling also improves your blood circulation there by supplying oxygen to every part of your body. This way you live healthy with a strong heart. – It is enjoyable to ride a cycle and the harmless and easiest sedan used for moving. Cycling helps you to enjoy the scenic beauty as you experience the fresh wind with green landscapes in the mornings and morning is perfect time for cycling. It does not contribute to air pollution and thus you can go cycling whenever you wish to. The inexpensive method to decrease weight and feel better. With massive advantages of cycling, it is indeed the finest workout to better health. You can choose any type of cycle as there is a wide variety of cycles with a range of features, so pick one that suits you best.
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bodybuilding diet

Bodybuilding Diet – Healthy Tips

In those days, bodybuilding has become a popular way to keep fit. If you want to take your workout to the next level and start really building muscle, you should have knowledge of bodybuilding diet. You need to know how to choose the right supplements for bodybuilding. That’s right, just working out and eating healthy probably won’t get you that well honed physique you want. If you go to the right supplements can give you a big boost, but you must be very careful to choose the right ones. And there are so many on the market these days, making the right choice can get confusing. As always, you should consult a medical professional before making any drastic changes in your normal routine. They will give you some professional advice about the bodybuilding diet.

Protein is important for building muscles and losing fat. Muscles are made of protein, so to build bigger muscles you need plenty of protein in your body. So you should eat protein at every meal, both in your regular diet and competition diet. You can get protein from foods such as lean beef, chicken, fish, egg whites, fruits, vegetables and protein shakes. Only in this way will you have the energy to conquer the difficulties.

If you feel your muscle is not strong enough, you should add some creatine. Creatine helps supply energy to muscle cells. It enables you to work out longer without tiring so quickly. There has been some controversy over the use of this supplement, so be sure to study and research to find the right amount for you to take. Choose complex carbohydrates that work well with protein to keep you feeling full longer while giving you the much-needed energy to lift weights and train aerobically. Complex carbons are found in whole grains and oats. It’s a good way to have some grains and oats to supply your energy.

Water and sports drinks help your body tremendously during training. Drink plenty of water so you don’t dehydrate yourself. Think about balancing your nutrients and healthy habits throughout the day. By drinking before you’re thirsty and eating before you’re hungry, your body will stay at more of a constant state of training. On the other hand, you should eat small meals every few hours to keep your body’s energy level constant. Even snacks should include protein and fats, without a lot of refined sugar, to keep your blood glucose level stable and your mind clear. Only in this way you will receive a good result and win the competition.
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weight training

The Indespensibility of Weight Training

With so many fad diets and novelty exercise routines prevalent today, it can be difficult for a person seeking healthy options for fat loss and overall fitness to find a tried-and-true method of personal improvement.Despite all the misinformation about weight training — that it is unsafe, that it is only for body builders, or that it creates a muscle-bound and inflexible physique — physiologists, trainers, and practitioners of sports’ medicine continue to agree that weight training exercise is the best and most efficient way to improve and maintain fitness over a person’s lifetime.

A weight lifting program that focuses on compound lifts such as squats and deadlifts, overhead and bench presses, dips and chin-ups, rows, lunges, and other supplementary exercises can be pursued safely by people of any age, gender, or experience level. Such a program will rapidly improve not only functional strength — the sort of strength needed to carry out day-to-day tasks and resist fatigue — but also body composition, energy levels, and overall fitness.

Women worried about becoming over-muscled, or men that prefer a more streamlined appearance, need not fear transformation into a bodybuilder when pursuing such a program — such Herculean physiques are the results of extreme levels of dedication, supplementation, and food intake over many years.

Proper nutrition is important when undergoing a weight lifting routine, and with care such a program can be used to achieve dramatic weight loss results. It has been shown in many studies that weight training is the most efficient way to lose excess fat and transform one’s body.

In addition to the considerable calorie burning effect of a session of weight training — muscles, after all, demand energy in the form of calories when performing weight lifting routines — the growth of new muscle begins a metabolic cycle of fat loss that transfers over to the rest of the day.

Even while passive, muscles demand energy, so with every gain in muscle a person will convert their body into burning more calories over the course of an average day. A stronger, more energetic person is also a more active one — and the changes initiated by new program of weight training rapidly spread to all aspects of a person’s life.

Changes in body composition extend beyond simple fat loss as well. Improved posture, stronger joints, increased ability to heal, and a healthier cardio-vascular system can all be achieved through weight training. In addition to looking and feeling good, the strength improvements from weight training are incalculable as we age.

So many injuries in old age result from atrophied muscles and weakened joints, processes that can be at least partially countered with a sensible, tailored weight training routine.
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Try A Workout With Kettlebell For Awesome Results

Kettlebell have been used in Russia for centuries. Credited with the success of Russian Strongmen, the Olympic achievements of many Russian athletes, as well as the strength and endurance of their military and security personnel, kettlebells are thought to have originally been used as counter-weights in Russian markets.

It is only in the 21st century that kettlebell training has experienced a resurgence and moved into the mainstream. Traditionally the domain of of strongmen and weightlifters in the US and Europe, many modern gyms now offer kettlebell training in addition to the usual classes and facilities.

Kettlebell training differs from usual weight training due mainly to the shape of the kettlebell. They look like cannonballs with handles, and it is the handle that makes such a big difference in the technique, and in the results.

A workout with kettlebells consists of swinging movements as well as press and pull movements similar to those done with dumbbells. The handle, and the techniques, displace the weight from the hand. This requires the body’s stabilization muscles to work as well, not just the arm, shoulder and back muscles involved in the swing itself. In this way, kettlebell training gives what is called a whole-body workout. With dumbbells, a bicep curl for instance is an isolated movement – the abdominal muscles, hips and legs are not used. With a kettlebell, in a similar exercise, almost the whole body is used.

An integrated whole-body workout is better for a number of reasons:

– it trains the body in movement patterns we use in everyday life, using many joints and muscles to sit down, walk, climb stairs etc.

– full body exercises strengthen the integrated movement systems of the body

– fitness improvement requires a high neuroendocrine response – which a full body workout will elicit.

Kettlebells have an incredible carry-over effect to other sports. In the past it was believed that if you wanted to run faster, you had to practice running. Recently, cross-over training has seen golfers doing weight training, and basketball players running.

Instead of 3 different types of workouts at a gym, one kettlebell workout will achieve a better overall result. The Voropayev study of 1983 studied two groups of subjects over a few years. They were tested on standard physical training tests used by the armed forces: pull-ups, a standing broad jump, a 100 meter sprint and a 1 kilometer run. The experimental group trained only with kettlebells. The control group followed a physical education program like those offered at universities, where the tests were part of the curriculum. Although they had not practiced the test exercises, the
group training only with kettlebells scored better than the control group in every exercise.

Bruce Lee documented using kettlebells in his training, Lance Armstrong uses them, as do Sylvester Stallone and Penelope Cruz. Kettlebell training builds lean muscle, not bulk, and the workouts burn body fat quickly. It is not a workout for the faint-hearted, although the varying weights allow newcomers to start light and work their way up. The basic techniques must be practiced thoroughly, as they form the foundation of the more complex and strenuous movements.
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Weight Training

Best Weight Training Tips for Beginners

These are some of the best muscle building weight training tips that a beginner can use to gain muscle. By following these guidelines, you can get started on the right track to help get the most out of your muscle building weight training routine.

A warm up of ten to fifteen minutes should be sufficient. It does not matter what you do to warm up, you just need to get your heart pumping. Also, you should move all parts of your body to loosen up. Cardio types of exercises are excellent for warm up. By doing this you will prevent injuries to the muscles by increasing your core body temperature.

While weight training you will need to do your workout as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Do this by focusing on a smooth, flowing, and continuous type movement. By working out in a fast or jerky manner, you can cause muscle injuries because of the unnecessary strain being placed on your muscles.

Do not hold your breath while weight training. Your muscles always need oxygen to produce energy. Make sure you freely breathe throughout the exercise workout and the timing of when you breathe in or out during does not matter.

Doing exercises with less weight will not challenge your muscles to grow big and strong, so you need to choose the right weight. When you weight train with too heavy weights your muscles can be damaged. Select a weight that you are comfortable with and one that tires the muscles out within 8-10 repetitions.

Focus and concentrate on your workout and do not forget to count repetitions. By not focusing, your work out can result in doing an exercise incorrectly. One set done properly will help you more than doing two or three sets the wrong way.

Avoid focusing your workout on just a few muscle groups by balancing your muscle building weight training workout. You will need to work all your muscle groups for the greatest benefit.

Do not exaggerate and overdo your muscle building weight training. This can cause damage or serious injury to your muscles. Actually, with just one set of 10-12 repetitions of each exercise, being done slowly and using the right technique, is when most people can get their optimal results.

Your muscles will need at least 48 hours to recover after a vigorous weight training workout. Within this time, your muscles are recovering and growing. For maximum benefit, you should try to workout once every 3 days. Also to help in muscle growth, you should drink a good body building supplement after your weight training workout.

You will need to set goals you can reach your destination. Think about what you want. Do you want to lose weight, gain muscle or become a professional body builder? By setting a goal, it will be easier to make a weight training road map for yourself.

It is important that you get a good muscle building weight training book. Find one that has good pictures and descriptions of the exercises that you want to do.

As a beginner, by following these weight training tips, you will be able to achieve the body that you have always desired. Along with your new look, your health and self confidence will also be greatly increased.
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